Thursday, 28 February 2008

DataPortability discussion video, London Geek Dinner 27 February 2008

Here's a video of the lively discussion on data portability at the London Geek Dinner of 27 February 2008, the main speakers being DataPortability WorkGroup members Ian Forrester of BBC Backstage and Paul Jones of Faraday Media, the company behind Particls - with lots of views on privacy, data protection, etc as well as technology. The event was organised by Cristiano Betta, thanks Cristiano! (UPDATE: embedded Flash version instead, much better, thanks again Cristiano)

Anyone who wants to can join the public DataPortability Action Groups - just sign up for those Google Groups and add yourself to the list.

Personally I think it's necessary to work on both policy and technology issues at the same time, as they have to inform each other. It's early days yet but lots of people seem to be coming on board, so let's hope the momentum is kept up and that there will be positive, concrete results soon from all this.

For those interested there's a previous video of Ian talking about data portability at BarCampLondon3 in November 2007 (more videos from BarCampLondon3) and this popular short video on dataportability.

For your diaries: the next London Geek Dinner will be on Thursday 13 March 2008, and will feature a speaker from the Participatory Culture Foundation, who will talk about internet TV/video application Miro.


Cristiano Betta said...

Thanx for the cool video. I actually watched it completely and it was very interesting to listen to again (I was kind of otherwise engadged most of the talk). I used the flash version in my blog post here:

Little video tip for processing: make sure the aspect ratio of your output is the same as what you record. This is not only the width and height but also something called the pixel-aspect-ratio. I think this is why your video looks a bit odd.



Improbulus said...

Thanks Cristiano! Have changed to the Flash version, I just did a copy/paste of the embed code, Blip seem to have changed the way they do things recently.

Ta for the tip, I must have inadvertently changed something in my options as my previous videos were fine. Can't face redoing it at the mo, but will check it.