Friday, 21 December 2007

Scientific chat up lines

New Scientist's Feedback column recently ran a compo "Flirt with science", where they invited readers to submit science-related chatup lines.

They've just published the winning chat-up lines, which are great especially if you're lover of puns and the absurd, as I am:
  1. Would there be any resistance if I asked to take you ohm? Emma Byrne, London, UK

  2. I love the way you smell so different from my dad. Toshi Knell, Nowra, New South Wales, Australia

  3. Would kissing you increase global warming and damage the Arctic irreversibly, or is it just enough to break the ice? Andy McCready, Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK

  4. I've had my ion you. Gary Duffala, Rio Rancho, New Mexico, US

  5. Baby, you must be a start codon because you are turnin' me on. Jessica Swanson, Stratford, Prince Edward Island, Canada

  6. I don't wish to brag, but in several parallel universes I invented the internet, warned the world about global warming, ran for president and won the Nobel peace prize. Yonatan Silver, Jerusalem, Israel

  7. Hello, I've just taken part in the clinical trial of a new drug to help memory loss; could you tell me, do I come here often?
    John French, Wellington, Somerset, UK

  8. You are definitely the woman of my REM phase. Giuliano Aluffi, Milan, Italy

  9. Er... hello... um... er. Oh look! Our shoes have similar spectral characteristics. Jon White, Rampton, Cambridgeshire, UK

  10. Meiosis? Kirstie Brogan Grace, Grays, Essex, UK (from a convent school!!)

Try 'em out, you never know if they'll work. Some of them might work on me, I have to admit!

My own faves are 7, 1 and 9. And I rather like 5 and 6 too. Yours? Or could you better the winners perchance? If so, please post it in a comment. Should you view that as a challenge, even better...


Vesper said...

those are sweet. thanks for posting! ;)

ffflaneur said...

now, what's not clear yet at all - did you choose your faves as a disinterested connoisseur of scientific chat-up lines? or would you use them yourself? or like to have them used on you?? Really, you've been withholding information there!!

Looking forward to further improb disclosures in 2008 ....

Improbulus said...

Thanks for the comments!

Fff, my favorites are the lines that would be most likely to work if someone else tried them on me, given my love of things scientific and my absurd / silly sense of humour.

I wouldn't try them myself though, unless I knew whoever I tried them on definitely also had similar interests and also loved punny / surreal humour, as I'd only get blank looks, or people thinking I'm even weirder than they originally thought I was!

Jack said...

I'll have to give these a go in the pub at the weekend!