Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Outstanding Blogs meme - thanks Troy!

Troy Worman at OrbitNow! started an Outstanding Blogs meme last month, and I'm delighted to say that he included ACE in his list. Hence the shiny new badge above and in my sidebar.

Thanks Troy!

I don't know how Troy and many others manage to find the time to read so many blogs, good on you, and thank you (and all my other subscribers and readers) for reading ACE!

[ANOTHER UPDATE:] For Troy's list, with his comments against some of the blogs, see Troy's post. He's now blogging at ProcessGeek.


Monday Morning Power said...

Thanks for posting this list. I am on it too, as Attitude, the Ultimate Power.

The list is really too long for a post so take a look at the way I posted it:

Email me at info@mondaymorningpower.com and I will email back the code. It's great for long posts, and it's configurable.

Improbulus said...

You're right monday morning power, it's a bit long. That's why I left it out initially, then decided to put it in after all.

Many thanks for the offer, but after your comment I've now hidden the list with an expand/collapse or show/hide script which I'd already blogged (including for use in New Blogger sidebars).

Robyn McMaster said...

Hi, thanks so much for spreading the joy of link love through the O!Blog Outstanding Blog List.