Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Blogger: undocumented keyboard shortcuts?

I love keyboard shortcuts - they help me be much more productive - and it's great that Blogger have implemented some, having added the much needed "Save but keep editing" earlier this year: see the Blogger keyboard shortcuts list.

I just discovered that, at the start of a list item in a numbered or bulleted list in the Blogger Post Editor, the Tab key will create a new list nested inside the current list. And Shift-Tab moves a "lower level" list item back up to a higher level.

  • I'm a list item.
  • I'm another list item.
    • And I'm a lower level nested list item created by using the Tab key
    • And another one.
  • I've Shift-tabbed back now.

Could there be other undocumented or "secret" keyboard shortcuts? Does anyone know at all?

My biggest wishlist items for Blogger currently are (still!) to have hotkeys for:
  1. switching back & forth between Edit HTML and Compose view (and if the cursor would just stay in the same position when you switch views, that would be perfect!)

  2. a bulleted or numbered list (Ctrl-Shift-l perhaps?), and

  3. (a new one) the Add Image command.
Hey, it's nearly Christmas. I can wish, can't I?

Modest needs, moi.


DJ.Hassoo said...

Thanks for sharing

Charlie Mullett said...

Thanks for the help. But when I click the tab key it just moves the cursor to the next field. (The post setting button). Am I missing something?

Also, is there a way to add a space in a line of text? (Like pressing tab would in a Word document.)