Sunday, 19 August 2007

Free Dreamweaver Tools for Google: mobile tools added

Webassist's free Dreamweaver tools for Google plugin (or Google tools for Dreamweaver?) has been enhanced in version 2.0 to make it easier for developers to add, to websites designed for mobile phones or cellphones, links to access various Google mobile services - obviously, intended for webmasters who use the well-known web design and development software Adobe Dreamweaver. (I previously blogged about the free Dreamweaver Google tools when they were first released, see my post for more info on the non-mobile features.)

This new version adds 6 new tools for easily integrating Google mobile functionality into a mobile webpage, creating the necessary code for you behind the scenes:
  • Mobile news - insert link to search Google News (the mobile version no doubt), including optionally a default search query (i.e. pre-populating the search box)
  • Mobile search - insert search form, which returns Google mobile search results in "almost any language"
  • Mobile map - link to embed a Google Maps for mobile map
  • Send to phone - insert a link to text a message to any cellphone via Google's Send-to-Phone service (only available in the US so far and not the same as Google SMS)
  • Click to call - set up Google's Click to call service from any mobile website - which enables potential customers to call companies found on Google search results pages, entirely at Google's expense (Google calls both of them and connects them, this service has been beta tested in the USA but I don't think it's available outside)
  • Mobile access keys - add 1-touch access keys to provide easy mobile key access to all Google Mobile tool links in one go.
See Webassist's Flash overview of Dreamweaver Tools for Google.

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