Saturday, 18 August 2007

Delicious (and Feedburner?) freebies

That granddaddy of social bookmarking sites is giving away goodies - stickers and bookmarks, as in, for marking your location in a hard copy book. Clever idea, that.

Just send them a pre-stamped envelope addressed to yourself - details here. If you send them a note with a useful or amazing Delicious story, you might even get a T-shirt.

What about us non-USians, though? How do we get hold of US stamps? Funny how the Americans never seem to consider that they may have customers outside the USA. E.g. unless you set your language preferences to English - US not UK, the British don't count - Google's Picasa didn't use to work properly, and for a while you couldn't access the full features of Gmail. (Some might say that that approach simply reflects a more general tendency of many Americans to be rather insular, not interested in or caring about what might be going on in the rest of the world outside of the vast and much-more-important-than-anyone-else US of A. But I won't as I am the very epitome of tact, me.)

It does seem though that normally Americans don't say in their initial info what people living outside the USA are supposed to do, and then they get a flood of questions asking precisely that.

Feed prestidigitators Feedburner, in offering their own flame-bearing swag, recently suggested (after the many queries that followed their original offer), that might be an option - they let you print out valid US stamps. I've not tried that service myself and they seem to require a monthly subscription, but at least they offer a 4-week free trial with $5 free postage "and a free Supplies Kit ($5 Value)", so that might do for some people - hey you could even try for both Delicious and Feedburner freebies, assuming Feedburner still have some swag left.

Neither Feedburner nor have positively indicated if they'll take international reply coupons, which is a shame as I suspect some people might prefer that to signing up for UPDATE: Feedburner do take IRCs, see the comment below, thanks Traci!

So. Anyone got some spare US stamps they wanna donate to me??

(Images borrowed from Delicious and Feedburner to illustrate this post, but if anyone has a copyright or other problem with that please let me know and I'll take it down immediately. Not risking any more BBC YouTube-like complaints.)


Traci said...

Hi there! FeedBurner can (and does) accept International Reply Coupons so bring 'em on! Cheers.

Improbulus said...

Cool Traci, many thanks for clearing that up!

Prefabrik said...

Any idea when these promised upgrades or features will finally show? The 255-character limit to the Notes field is particularly frustrating. I’m presenting to the faculty at my college in a couple weeks, and I’d LOVE to be able to tell them when they can create lists of sites for their students and actually have room to create a decent annotation. Changing the sort order under tags would also be really, really helpful. Thanks.

Improbulus said...

Fraid I don't know Prefabrik.

Have you tried asking on the Delicious blog or forums?