Tuesday, 30 August 2005

Gmail aliases: sending email from an alias

In my post on Gmail aliases I said a major downside was the difficulty of sending email FROM an alias. You can set a reply-to address as an alias, in Gmail (Settings, Accounts, Edit info, Specify a different "reply-to" address) so that when the recipient hits Reply, their email will go to the alias - but the "From" field in the email you sent still shows your basic Gmail address, which may confuse some recipients. Plus, you have to remember to change or delete the Reply-to alias afterwards, or else emails you later send will all have the same reply-alias.

Well Google have finally (I don't know when, but it wasn't there the previous time I looked) introduced the ability to send email from your Gmail account so that the "From" can be any other email address of yours, including a Gmail alias.

To do this it takes a few steps, not as good as being able to fill in the From box with an alias (big hint to Google… not that they're going to be reading this but you never know… though now Gmail is out of beta they're unlikely to enhance it further, I suspect).

So I've updated my original aliases post to spell out how to send email from a Gmail alias, from within Gmail.

Now if only ALL websites would accept email addresses with a "+" in them...

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