Monday, 8 June 2009

Carnival of the Mobilists #177

This week ACE is delighted to host the latest Carnival of the Mobilists, for the very first time ever – you qualify to host after you’ve had 3 blog posts mentioned in the Carnival, and finally I made it.

We have a great crop of interesting, varied posts – especially in relation to various conferences or meetings, as it’s clearly conference season!

Rudy de Waale announces more details of the forthcoming Mobile 2.0 Europe conference in Barcelona, with Developer Day on 18 June and the Conference on 19 June.

On past talks and conferences, Andrew Grill from London Calling spoke on mobile advertising at Mobile Monday Amsterdam on 1 June 2009 – check out the video of his talk entitled “This time…it’s personal. How mobile challenges everything we thought we knew about advertising“.

Consultant Cheetan Sharma gives a detailed round up of Future in Review (FiRe) 2009, a multi-disciplinary conference which included, on the mobile front, a discussion on 4G and the future of wireless broadband.

Barbara Ballard from little springs design provides some links and slides from the Mobile Design UK meeting in her post “great thinking in mobile design” – including the slides for her talk and her podcast “Symbian? What’s That? A view from the States”.

Talking about things across the pond, Antoine RJ Wright’s post The Backwards Thinking of American Mobile Users makes some points about how mobile technology is (not) used in the USA and the true potential of smartphones is not yet realised.

On other topics, Tom Godber of Masabi, who I happened to meet recently when helping Helen Keegan with the shortlisting of Vodafone Mobile Clicks compo entries, offers some thoughts on the new Sony-Ericsson handset announcements - the implications for mobile apps, notably usability improvements (and annoying permissions dialogues!), and views on Sony-Ericsson’s smartphones strategy.

Peggy Salz of MSEARCHGroove has posted part 2 of her audio interview with the CEO of the company behind digital mobile lifestyle (location-based) application Gypsii, entitled “Get Out & Search The Planet With Your Mobile Phone; GyPSii CEO Takes Wraps Off Strategy To Index The Real World & Deliver Advertising As Content”. Her detailed post summarises Gypsii and its plans for mobile advertising, and has some text excerpts from the linked podcast as well as thoughts on mobile search and advertising.

Ajit Jaokar poses the question “Must Nokia ALWAYS connect people?”, in a post about the launch of the OVI store, setting out desired criteria for a mobile application store, and views on the difficulty of incorporating a “sharing” element if trying to sell content or applications.

And finally, in “End of an Era – AvantGo Shutting Down”, Dennis Bournique of WAP Review mourns the demise, or rather transformation, of AvantGo from a provider of web content to mobile devices to an “SMS advertising and content delivery system” from the end of June 2009. The end of an era, indeed.

UPDATE: broken links fixed, many apologies!

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