Thursday, 17 January 2008

Dataportability explained: short snazzy video

Coincidentally, soon after my last post with the video of Ian Forrester's presentation at BarCampLondon3 on data portability and, I came across this brief "plain English" video by Michael Pick of SmashCut Media, which explains the benefits of data portability for non-techies: a PR promo video for, if you like - though there's no writhing lithe ladeez or gentz, sorry to disappoint you, it doesn't try to take promo that far!

It's called "DataPortability - Connect, Control, Share, Remix" and you can view it below:

DataPortability - Connect, Control, Share, Remix from Smashcut Media on Vimeo.

Via Common Craft (whose own excellent explanatory video for non-geeks on RSS feeds I've previously recommended).

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