Friday, 24 November 2006

Happy Thanksgiving weekend!

So I missed the boat yesterday - but I can still say happy Thanksgiving weekend to my American friends. :)

I've been frantically busy, having to juggle certain commitments with health issues, but after tomorrow it should get a bit quieter (sounds familiar...?). It might even be Commenting Day at last this weekend! But don't hold yer breath...


kirk said...

You weren't late for the weekend. :-)

Besides, we're all fat and sleepy from the turkey, and from watching 6 football games in 2 days (Cowboys yea, Longhorns boo) so we wouldn't have noticed anyway.

But you're just teasing us with the Commenting Day tho, ya tease.

Improbulus said...

For the weekend, at least I got there!

I think I'll tackle the commenting from both ends, so to speak... I'd been feeling guilty about replying to recent comments when I've not been able to handle some from October, but I guess I'll give up on that & just do it.

Happy being fat & sleepy!