Friday, 25 June 2010

Tibits restaurant review

I tried the superb Tibits vegetarian restaurant for the first time for lunch at the Regent Street Girl Geek shopping event. I thought it merited a separate review.

Before that event, I didn't even know about the tucked away Regent Street Food Quarter in the horseshoe-shaped Heddon Street off Lower Regent Street, let alone about this excellent restaurant.

I don't normally go for vegetarian food but I must say Tibit's fresh, high quality food was very satisfying indeed, even to a confirmed carnivore like me. Their lunch buffet counter offered some 30 or 40 different dishes, and that was just the savoury courses. They had a good variety of desserts too, from cheesecake to cubes of melon, pineapple and other fruit.

My favourite was the aubergine curry, but their buffet included food to suit all tastes, from salads, Oriental fried rice and other Asian concoctions to Middle Eastern vegetarian cuisine. Plus lots of different sauces and chutneys you could help yourself to.

I tried a little bit of most things. I can't recall all the many different types of dishes I heaped onto my plate but they certainly included several kinds of curries, spinach, potatoes, broccoli, beancurd etc. My favourite was the Indian aubergine curry.

The juice of the day, a mix of fresh strawberry and orange and apple (I think!), was delicious.

All for an equivalent of under £15, including the drink and dessert. A roll was free with the meal too. And as you can see from the screenshot photo, you can sit outside when the weather's nice.

Their pricing system is very sensible and helps minimise waste, involving weighing the food, so you can just take exactly the quantity you want and if you take less you pay less, it's not charged for by the plate or container.

The staff were also very helpful and friendly, attentive and efficient without being in yer face.

Tasty, healthy food, good service, great value for money, what's not to like? I'll definitely be back. (And, whether it puts you off or not, it seems some celebs like Tibits too…)

TELEPHONE 020 7758 4110 (they don't take reservations, you just turn up)
Opening hours
Monday - Wednesday 09:00 am - 11:00 pm
Thursday - Saturday 09:00 am - midnight
Sunday 11:30 am - 10:30 pm

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