Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Internet Explorer 8 beta: blank pages fix

I've complained before about the issue that on many web sites IE 8 just shows a blank webpage or blank portions of the page, including interestingly the results section of certain (but not all) Google search results pages!

Here's a tip. The solution is actually quite simple - no need to spend more time trying to troubleshoot this:

When you get a blank page or partially blank page on viewing a website in IE8 beta 2, just click the "Compatibility mode" button (at the end of the address bar, outlined in red below) to display the page properly, as it's shown in IE7 and other browsers:

Somehow I'd thought before that this button would only fix minor issues like alignment, but in fact it'll also solve the "web page doesn't display content at all or has partial blanks" problem or bug. (My bad - the issue is in fact mentioned on the Microsoft IE 8 beta 2 release notes page, under "Site compatibility".)

Or you could of course uninstall IE 8 and go back to IE 7... until I found out that the Compatibility mode button would sort it, I'd just viewed the site in Firefox or Opera browser instead.

If you use IE8, you may also be interested in some tweaks to speed up IE 8 beta.


Anonymous said...

I get this issue in IE7, hows that for lame.

Improbulus said...

I'm not surprised. Did the same fix work?

Anonymous said...

Didn't work for me.
It's an intranet helpdesk site.
Says Done in the bottom left corner, no errors anywhere.
Just a blank page.
Even compatability mode is a blank page

Improbulus said...

Anon, as it's an intranet, why not ask your internal intranet support team?

Anonymous said...

Same for me; in all modes a blank page appears. When using the zoom button the page does appear. When hovering a link on the page it disappears again.... wierd !

Anonymous said...

This should be rectified immediately and all those used as guinea pigs (having the beat version) should be give an updated version of IE8.

Trixmoto said...

Using compatibility mode is not a "solution", it is a "work around" - big difference!

Jerry said...

Bit late, but came across this post and probably have a solution to the author of this post (and people having similar issues).

I doubt if any page will ever be completely incompatible with IE8. If your page remains empty, check if your page HEAD contains a conditional tag for IE.

Check the source code and see if you can find a piece of code that looks like this:

Most likely, in the case the page remains blank, the closing tag is either missing or it contains an error. In that case it will tell IE8 that everything on the site is only for IE 7 and IE8 won't show anything.

So check if the closing tag is properly typed and (at least some of) your page should be visible in IE8.

That's it. Best of luck!


Anonymous said...

I had a similar problem where a web-form inside a DIV seemed blank in IE8.
In this case I found that it was not actually blank, but the form elements were somehow hidden behind the background
I removed "background-color:#FFFFE0;" from the code resulting in a transparent background the problem went away. Now IE8 displays it fine!