Saturday, 9 June 2007

Scissors tips

Scissors are useful, yep. Two things I never thought to do until someone else suggested it, duh:
  1. When chopping vegetables, often it's easier and faster to use kitchen scissors rather than a knife - French beans, long beans and the like.
  2. When putting on a plaster for an injury, it'll stay on better and for longer if you round the edges of the plaster with scissors first.
Weekend of the blindingly obvious, I know, I know.

And there is no connection between 1 and 2, before anyone asks!

Randomly, did you know that some vegetables freeze really well? Chillis and lemongrass, for starters. I was told that, thought I'd try it out, and it really works. I keep some in my freezer now to ensure I never run out.

On the food preservation front, does anyone know what other vegetables (or fruit) will freeze well without having to chop 'em up or otherwise process them first? I've not tried to experiment with many other ones yet. I did try some bananas once. Not recommended!

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