Monday, 10 May 2010

How to add hNews to Blogger blogs

Making your blog hNews-compatible should help it get picked up and indexed by hNews-capable search engines like Value Added News Search.

hNews is a relatively new microformat, designed to enable more useful computer indexing or processing of news stories, blog posts etc. (Technorati tags are another microformat.) Google can recognise and make use of some microformats already with their Rich Snippets.

So see this tutorial on how to edit your Blogger template to make it hNews compatible and produce the basic hNews info in your blog as standard - post title, author, date.

Marking up the text within an individual story or post seems to be the main point of hNews, but also seems to be a real pain. Does anyone know any tools that could help bloggers do that, e.g. a plug-in for Windows Live Writer? I'd do a Greasemonkey script if I could, maybe in the summer, but Kirk is the real expert behind the Technorati tagger for Blogger.

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