Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Internet shopping perky & on the, er, up, at least for some…

Well, it's heartening to know that amongst all the doom & gloom of the recession, UK fine art print retailer ObsessionArt.com grew their turnover by 120% in the six month to February 2010 compared with the same period last year, thanks largely (geddit?) to "a provocative Kelly Brook photo". Good that she's helping the British balance of payments, eh?

It seems North America, including Canada and the US, has been the source of the strongest, ahem, growth - in sales, that is, with demand particularly high for black and white photography prints of celebrities, according to the press release. Best sellers in the category have also included photos of burlesque artiste Dita Von Teese (and no, I'm not linking to those!).

There. That's me doing my bit for British exports.

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