Saturday, 30 January 2010

Google Blog Search bookmarklet: who's blogged the webpage you're on?

When you want to know who's blogged about the webpage you're viewing, just use this bookmarklet to search via Google Blog Search for blog posts that link to the page you're on:

Who's blogged this?

For non-techies: basically a bookmarklet is an item in your browser's Bookmarks toolbar, Favorites toolbar or Links bar (depending on your browser and version), which you can click to do useful stuff - in this case, to search on Google Blogsearch for all blogs that have linked to the web page you're currently viewing. See more on what's a bookmarklet or favelet and how do you use them?

Couldn't find a working bookmarklet for this so I rolled my own. Works on my Windows Vista PC in Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer. Note that this doesn't search for blogs or links about words highlighted on the webpage, they're just basic searches for links to the web page itself.

(And yes, hurray, Javascript bookmarklets now seem to be working within the body of a Blogger / Blogspot work post finally, thank you Team Blogger! And thanks to Kirk as always for alerting me to this.)

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