Friday, 11 December 2009

Sing karaoke at home, free - LuckyVoice offer

I reviewed home online karaoke service LuckyVoice a while back. You can belt out your fave songs in the privacy of your own home with your friends, or indeed just solo, as long as you have a computer, broadband internet connection and Web browser (and, if you wish, mic and home stereo).

They've recently revamped their site and are offering free unrestricted access to all 6750+ songs on their site for a whole week. You do need to have the free Adobe Flash Player version 10 if you haven't already got it.

To get the free full access for a week from now:

  1. Sign up free for a LuckyVoice account if you haven't got one.
  2. Then sign in to your account.
  3. Click "Buy singing time" (top right, outlined in red):

  4. In the Voucher code box at the bottom of the page, enter the code LUCKYYOU and hit Submit:

They've also changed their pricing model so that you can either buy song credits (as you'd think - buy blocks of number of songs you can play, from 50 songs to 500 songs currently), or buy by time period (i.e. unlimited singing within a period of 24 hours, 1 month etc up to 1 year).

You use up a song credit if you go 30 seconds past the start of a song, so if you start playing a song and decide you don't like it you can save your credit if you skip it quickly enough (see the LuckyVoice Help pages).

What's more, they've given users 25 song credits which will start to be used up after the week's free singing. And there's a clever new rewards system whereby you can earn even more free song credits:

  • "Creating an account gets you 25 credits.
  • If you sign up for our monthly newsletter, you gain 25 credits.
  • After you've sung your first 10 songs, you gain 5 credits.
  • When you reach 30 songs sung, we'll give you another 10 credits.
  • Once you've reached your singtenary (100 songs), you get 20 credits.
  • If you invite a friend to sign up through the site, and they create an account, you get 20 credits.
  • The first time you love a playlist, you'll earn 5 credits.
  • When another singer "loves" your playlist for the first time, you gain 5 credits."

A very good way to reward heavy users.

But for those who are a tad reticent about their passion for 60's musicals, what's this about playlists and other people loving yours? It seems playlists you create are public by default - but never fear, you can click "make private" underneath the playlist to, well, make it private. And you can still share a playlist with selected friends by clicking Share under the playlist's name.

I've not gone through the new site with a fine tooth comb yet e.g. to see if they've implemented the other suggestions in my original review, but it looks good, and seems more user friendly than the original version.

Enjoy your free sing!

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