Saturday, 19 December 2009

How to speed up Internet Explorer 8

I just wanted to note for those not aware of it that the tricks and tips on how to speed up Internet Explorer 7 also mostly work to help Internet Explorer 8 go faster too.

These are the ones I've tried in Windows Vista with Internet Explorer 8 - try them at your sole risk if you've a different version of Windows, and remember to backup your registry first, you have been warned! (I will report on Windows 7 soon):

  1. These tips on speeding up Internet Explorer 7 which I mentioned from this site (but not the other tips on it, most of which seem to have been changed in IE8 for the better so they're already set):
    1. Increase maximum simultaneous connections
    2. Disabling ClearType
    3. Disabling the SSVHelper Class plugin
  2. Stopping checks for printers on remote computer - NB, in Vista the key to check for network shares doesn't seem to be there so I didn't try that fix, you probably shouldn't either

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feranm_ie8team said...

Great post! Another good way to help speed up IE8 is to disable unnecessary add-ons or add-ons with a larger load time (more than a .2 sec load time). You can do this by going to Tools->Manage add-ons.
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