Sunday, 18 October 2009

Yahoo! Taiwan "Hack Girls" - bad form!

Both Cristiano and Ian and no doubt many others have posted about this, and I am joining in the chorus. Sexism sadly is still alive and kicking.

Offering "entertainment" at a Yahoo! Taiwan Open Hack Day in the form of female lapdancer "Hack Girls" really isn't on. (And simply password protecting the videos after the event doesn't make up for it!)

My attitudes towards sex and sexuality are as liberal as the next person's, if not more so, but some things just aren't appropriate - and this is one of them.

Maybe if they'd included male strippers as well, they might just about have got away with it - but double standards still rule, certainly in the UK. And this sort of thing is still not appropriate "entertainment" for a hack day.

Let's see if the bad PR storm grows, and how Yahoo! will weather it.

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