Monday, 2 February 2009

BBC: how to produce websites

For those who may have missed it, Michael Smethurst of the BBC has produced a helpful presentation with guidance on how to design and produce websites, based on the BBC’s wealth of experience in creating their own excellent web sites.

I’ve embedded the slides below for ease of access, but anyone interested should read the full BBC blog post on how to make websites for the detailed exposition.

Very practical and sensible, business-oriented, lots of tips and advice, and a must for anyone (even those new to creating web pages) who wants to learn to build a web site properly from the ground up (another tip being, perhaps, to minimise the number of pages you may find you can't keep on updating, ahem!)

Other points on making web sites which may be of interest to budding web page builders and site designers, plus a couple of website funnies for light relief:

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