Thursday, 21 August 2008

Vista: hotkeys to shut down Vista PC

An annoyance with Windows Vista for keyboard shortcut fans like me is that the old XP hot keys don't work to shutdown or power down a Vista computer.

Here are tips for how to power off or shut down a Vista PC via keyboard shortcuts; there are a few ways:
  1. Using Ctrl Alt Delete
    1. Ctrl-Alt-Delete (i.e. hold down the Ctrl, Alt and Del keys at the same time)
    2. Alt-s (i.e. hold down Alt key then tap the s key) [or Shift-tab then Enter]
    3. s key twice then Enter [or Up arrow (↑) cursor key then Enter].

  2. Via the start menu
    1. Ctrl-Esc or the Win key (to call up the start menu)
    2. Right arrow (→) cursor key three times
    3. Enter / Return or the u key.

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Cristiano_Betta said...

Turn my pc off? Now why would I do that?!

Dino said...

That was a really helpful post. Thanks!

rolva said...

You can also use Alt-F4 while on the desktop. This will bring up the shut down dialog box. Press "S" to select Shut Down and enter.