Wednesday, 6 August 2008

The REAL Improbulus

I want to clear something up: I'm the original Improbulus, the real Improbulus, and nothing but the Improbulus. One word only.

When I started blogging I wanted a unique name, a handle that no one else at all had, so after much research I picked "Improbulus" (yes it's male, but the female form sounds odd(er)!). Absolutely no one else was using this name on the Internet at the time - "Improbulus" is a Latin adjective which I decided to use as a name.

A few months later, in 2005, I noticed that someone else had adopted the name I'd made up, added another word after it, and was going round posting rabidly right-wing rants all over the Net under the name "Improbulus Maximus".

I was slightly annoyed that someone else had appropriated my carefully chosen name, but apart from adding one comment on the Daily Kos to point out that he wasn't me, I left it alone. If you search just "Improbulus", my writings ranks much higher than his anyway.

However, someone has begun posting comments on various blogs and sites asking if self-avowed liberal-hating Jim Adkisson, who recently opened fire at a children's performance in a Unitarian Universalist church in Tennessee killing 2 people and seriously injuring several others (more news reports), is Improbulus Maximus.

I've absolutely no idea if Adkisson is or is not this "Improbulus Maximus". But just in case there's any question about it, I want to make it crystal clear that I'm not "Improbulus Maximus" and "Improbulus Maximus" certainly isn't me.

Adkisson is a male American from Tennessee; "Improbulus Maximus" seems to be a pro-gun, racist homophobe (as does Adkisson). Anyone who's met me will confirm I'm a female Brit in London. Plus, I'm libertarian (more than liberal), I believe in people's right to defend themselves but think guns and knives should be much harder to come by because they too easily lead to fatalities which could and should be avoided, and I'm very much in favour of racial equality and LGBT rights. And gender equality. So he's my absolute anti-thesis. Whoever he is. Which is most emphatically not me!

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Cristiano_Betta said...

On that note: I want to confirm that I am NOT Cristiano Ronaldo but I will except any fan mail with photos. ;)