Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Funny restaurant menu typo

The menu in the staff canteen of someone I know offered, in the soups selection:

Cullen Skunk

(instead of "Cullen Skink", a Scottish fish soup).

My friend chose not to have that particular soup. Just in case.


Alaric Snell-Pym said...

I've collected a few amusing misprints in my time

*FX: Gets out noodle packet*

This packet of noodles reads, amongst a lot of other bizarrely worded Engrish:

"According to the seasons, you may be cool noodle or hot soup noodle"

kirk said...

I think I would actually prefer a skunk soup over a fish soup. I don't like soupified fish. But of course real skunk should be bar-b-qued.

Improbulus said...

Good one Al! I assume you're err hot soup noodle at the moment! Can you share any more from your collection?

Kirk, ewwww! You haven't really had BBQd skunk of course. Though I imagine you've had possum served in all kinds of ways?