Thursday, 6 March 2008

Gmail: . dots + aliases & spam, been there done that…

Google's Gmail Blog have finally posted about the use of dots in Gmail addresses and appending a + symbol with other stuff for filtering and combating spam and evil marketing emails.

Been there, done that. I already posted (with my usual detailed but hopefully practical take, of course) on those productivity / trivia tips and tricks - as far back as 2005!

(Gmail is known as GoogleMail in the UK & Germany.)


Anonymous said...

So you can route to be deleted. They still have original by not using the plus sign and anything. i.e.

Improbulus said...

Absolutely right Anon. As I mentioned in my original Gmail alias post, using aliases will only work with automated bots which just grab email addresses wholesale to spam them.

If a spammer comes up with a way to delete everything after the plus for Gmail addresses (not hard), then they can still spam us. Which is where Google's fab spam detection kicks in to help.