Monday, 2 July 2007

Improbulus: A Consuming Experience credentials


"A Consuming Experience" (ACE) has since mid-2007 been syndicated through Newstex's Blogs on Demand, by invitation.

Newstex's content is syndicated to services such as LexisNexis, with whom they've won blog aggregation awards. Newstex's stable of technology blogs includes Gizmodo, Lifehacker, Techdirt and Valleywag.

(ACE was for a time with the CoranteNetwork's Web hub, again through invitation, by Francois Gossieaux, but decided after a few months not to continue with Corante.)

Mobile coverage

The Nokia-related WidSets blog said about my WidSets review (though they got my gender wrong!):
"He has covered basically everything about WidSets, including the background, the philosophy, how it works, how you create your own widgets, tips and tricks - the works! We should point our users to A consuming Experience, not to Oh, yeah, and of course he has made his own widgets, made easy to find on his web site. I think I'll give my first rating, ever 5 out of 5! …"

I was asked to join the LG Blogger Relations programme for their Chocolate and Shine mobile phones as a result of my mobile-related posts particularly on the Nokia 7710 smartphone, such as:

My resulting posts on LG phones are now the most popular on my blog, e.g.
(I am not including Google search links that lead to those posts as there are too many different search terms which do so).

Other technology coverage

ACE covers not just mobile but a range of other technology, Internet, software and media-related topics too, on which ACE also ranks highly on Google - e.g. see:
ACE's Google PageRank was, until a domain name change in April 2007 (from, 6 or 7 depending on the page.

Its public PageRank was then 0 on many tools since then but since the latest full Google public update in late 2007, ACE's general PageRank has been 5.

ACE's internal PageRank at Google is still high as demonstrated by ACE's placement in Google search results such as, on the Nokia 7710 front as an example, the following (for other searches see below):

Other credentials

ACE was a Blogger Blogs of Note and has been linked to e.g. by

Other blogs

Since October 2007I have also been blogging on:

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