Friday, 23 March 2007

Win an LG Shine phone: photo competition - 13 April 2007 deadline

An LG Shine mobile phone (see my short review and other Shine posts) is the prize which 3 lucky people could win in a photographic competition just launched via the official LG Shine blog. As previously mentioned, the Shine itself sports a 2MB camera with Schneider-Kreuznach lens, and also records voice and video.

(photo above taken with a Shine at the LG Shine celebrity launch party, see this post)

"All you need to do is take a photo that expresses your shining moment (any theme that is relevant to you) and provide a simple explanation attached to your photo. You can send up to 5 photos if you wish!"

The deadline for submissions is 13 April 2007, 17h00 GMT+1 (and winners will be announced half an hour later).

I'm slightly uncertain about a couple of things though.

The competition entry page says:
"The 3 winners will be chosen by the amount of votes they receive, whoever has the most amount of votes and/or positive comments will be the winner. We will post each entry on the blog where users can vote for you under the comments section."

But the terms and conditions "small print" page says:
"The winner will be decided by a panel of judges."

So who decides on the winners? Web voters, or the panel of judges?

UPDATE: thanks to Hill & Knowlton for taking note of the uncertainty and updating their rules. Now, they say clearly that it's the voters who decide.

Also, even if it's voters who decide, the competition entry page says:
"The competition expires on the 13 April 2007, 17h00 GMT+1. Winners will be announced the same day at 17h30 GMT+1."

i.e, the winners are to be announced just 30 mins after the deadline time for submitting entries.

How would that work for late entrants? Doesn't that mean that someone who puts in a photo at say 17.29 on 13 April only has half an hour or less of "exposure time" (if you'll forgive the photography pun) for their photo, in which people will have a chance to vote for it?

If that is right, then it seems your best bet, if you want to maximise your chances of winning, is to submit your up to 5 photo entries ASAP.

Details of how to take part in this contest are on the competition entry page - there are several different ways to do that e.g. posting the pic on your blog.

I understand from LG that there are no geographic restrictions, you don't have to live in the UK to be eligible to enter. But note that this cellphone may not work outside Europe as it's only being launched here at the moment (following its initial release in Korea last year).

And remember that winners have to be prepared to take part in post-competition publicity.

Good luck to all who enter!

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