Monday, 5 February 2007

LG Shine KE 970 phone: UK launch David Blaine, The Feeling, Beth Rowley, 7 February 2007

Update: competition to win a Shine phone, deadline 13 April 2007.

The official UK launch of LG's Shine KE 970 mobile phone is happening this Wednesday 7 February at Cirque, with technical talks in the day and a glam evening with famed illusionist and endurance artist David Blaine, soft rockers The Feeling, singer Beth Rowley and DJ Chico. UPDATE: see photos from the Shine UK launch and more photos of the Shine phone.

As previously mentioned in my preliminary review of the Shine phone and its main features, the launch will be of the KE970 2G cellphone model, with 50MB internal memory and memory card expansion via microSD card (2 GB). A whizzier 3G model of the Shine will be launched soon, with a much bigger 560 MB of internal memory (and again microSD card expansion slot).

UPDATE: where to get the Shine manual or user guide, and software. The Shine is much better than the LG Chocolate on the general usability front (see preview), but unfortunately the connectivity on the Shine is worse than the Chocolate's (which was bad enough, see my post on LG Chocolate phone Contents Bank software) - you can no longer transfer Java games etc from PC to phone (which I'll address in another post).

UPDATE: here's how to get Gmail on your Shine phone. I have to say, it's a lot easier to get Gmail on my Nokia 7710 - overview of 7710 here.

Photos and videos taken via the Shine are pretty good though (the pic above of a Shine was taken with a Shine, showing off the "mirror" finish with a Chocolate phone in the reflection).

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