Monday, 29 January 2007

LG Shine: 2G & 3G models but no 1 GB version

The LG Shine, scheduled for launch in the UK on 7 February 2007 (see previous post), will come in two versions.

The model to be released on 7 February will be a 2G model with 50MB internal memory. I think that will be the KE970, which is the version I have on loan. Apparently it will be available on several networks.

Later this year (not sure exactly when, but I suspect relatively soon) a 3G model will be released which will have a nice big 560MB of internal memory, yes that's 10 times more than the 2G model. I don't know what its model number will be yet.

But there isn't going to be a 1 GB model. Apparently the rumours about a 1GB version are because the 3G version has a 1GB chip - but much of this is taken up with software, preloaded content and network settings, leaving 560MB for the user.

However, I am told that both 2G and 3G models of the Shine will accept 2GB microSD memory expansion cards. I've not tested the KE 970 with a memory card yet, but I'll do so once I've had the chance to get one.

This is good for multimedia fans, obviously - the internal memory of the KE970 seems to fill up all too quickly if you load a few MP3s and shoot just a couple of videos.

I've updated my original post with the above, and also with this pic I took (with a Shine) to demonstrate the mirror finish. Yes that's an LG Chocolate reflected in the mirror!

Thanks to LG Mobile, via Gaylene Ravenscroft of Hill & Knowlton, for the info.


Dedicated Hosting said...

Well, another good creation from LG, but i guess they need to work more on their model structures and functionality.

Improbulus said...

Not sure what you mean by model structures, Dedicated Hosting? But I agree there could be improvements in functionality. I'm waiting to see what the connectivity software is like before saying more, that's the area that could most do with improvement in my view.