Friday, 26 January 2007

Google: new Google testing blog; added to Google Blogs search

Google have recently launched a new blog on testing software called, naturally, Google Testing Blog. (If you're wondering about the references to "Testing on the Toilet", well yes, apparently those peachy keen Googlers actually plaster printouts of software testing secrets inside Google toilet stalls for, ummm, in-loo reading. Presumably those printouts would also very efficiently serve a dual purpose if Google ever become parsimonious with toilet paper, or decided to take eco-friendliness to extremes...)

Interestingly, unlike other Google blogs (including the Google Code blog), they've not disabled commenting on that new blog. Perhaps it's in the spirit of encouraging interactivity with external developers? Cynically I wonder how long it'll be before spam comments drown out the legit ones. I suspect it won't take spammers long to find it (has anyone bothered looking at the comments on Delicious's blog recently??), but maybe I'm a pessimist.

Anyway, I've added the shiny new Google Testing Blog to the custom search engine I put together, so you can search all Google blogs and Google press releases together in one go. (See search box in my sidebar, or get the code for your own sidebar.)

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