Sunday, 26 February 2006

Technorati: favorite blogs; help others add your blog, and thoughts on Technorati Favorites - part 2

This post is a pointer to my post on Technorati's new Favorite Blogs feature, including:
  • how to help others "favorite" your blog, i.e. code to add to your template to produce a button or link people can click to add your blog to their Technorati favorites
  • how to share your Technorati favorites on your own blog - both by displaying the latest posts from your favorite blogs (or someone else's favorite blogs) in an iframe or "mini-window" on your own blog, and by adding a link in your sidebar to your favorite blogs page
  • the benefits of this new feature for those who read blogs, including the overlap with feeds/RSS, how to search your favorite blogs only (with a search form to do just that), adding/importing your favorite blogs from other services
  • bugs and issues, and
  • some other thoughts.
If you've read the previous post you can ignore this post - here's why I'm posting this, so that even if that post won't appear on Technorati's tag pages, hopefully this one will - and those interested in the subjects concerned can then click through to that post.

I'll do the split posts later.

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