Wednesday, 26 October 2005

How much is your blog worth?

You can find out how much your blog is worth by entering your blog URL in the form on Dane Carlson's "How much is my blog worth?" post (which calculates your blog's value from its Technorati ranking by using a link to dollar ratio derived from how much AOL recently paid for acquiring Weblogs Inc).

After you enter your URL you also get code you can paste into your blog sidebar to show how much it's worth, but it's only a snapshot of what the figure was at the time you entered the URL, so I won't be doing that. It would be nice if the code could always display the current figure as links to your blog change (hopefully, by increasing!). No doubt someone will be coming up with that twist soon. [Edited 27 October:] Not quite the same thing, but I've now posted the code to insert in your template so you can check your current blog value with one click at any time.

My blog is apparently worth $82,987.38, at least today - not too bad considering I only started blogging in earnest in January 2005. Now if only someone were to offer me that in real money…

Not so much use to us without the the hard cash, but a fun ego tool nevertheless!

(Via Technorati's blog, which also outlines the history behind this clever calculation.)

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kirk said...

$82,987.38 ! Righteous bucks.

ChickyBabe said...

I'm jealous!