Thursday, 14 July 2005

Blogger - editing comments part 2

I explained in a previous post how to edit your template so that you can thereafter, with just one click, edit any comment that's been posted with Blogger's built in commenting system.

However, if you're even lazier than me and just want to edit the occasional comment without having to do anything to your template and without having to type in any long URLs, I've added a form to my previous post so that you can just fill in your blog ID and the comment's post ID (I've explained how to find what those are, in the previous post) in order to edit a particular comment. Feel free to bookmark the form.

Warnings about accidentally deleting comments are repeated again!

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TaB said...

All the warnings in the world wont stop me from suing you to the full extent of the internet law, one tiny glitch in your mass of tutorials and the games over, so think about that when your riding off into the sunset on your iron horse, improb.. in the tower or at the cleaners washing her dirty tutorials hehe..

Right I tried it on a test blog, and I am lazier than you and have the bed sores to prove it, and without sounding like a motivational fortune 41K plan, there just has to be an easier way! so get off your high horse and find it.. what are we paying you for?

ChickyBabe said...

Just tried your form and it works like a charm. Thank you, thank you! I will bookmark it for future use.

MitzieBitchie said...

Hey, awesome postings!! =)
I have also created new blogs! Yah might wanna check them out now..My
webpage is also burnin with some cool stuffs!

Improbulus said...

Tab - there should be an easier way, as in Blogger should give it to us! For now the form or template hack is the best we can do, I think...

CB - glad it worked!

Mitzie - thanks! Good luck with your new blogs.