Thursday, 10 March 2005

Parking in London

Badly planned. Badly signed. Appallingly enforced, and aimed at private sub-contractors making money rather than (as it should be) efficiency and safety. That, in my view, is parking in London.

The London Assembly are apparently consulting on parking in London, though I couldn't find anything about the consultation on their website itself.

Take part, if you can, while the survey is still open: the online survey is here and is only a couple pages long. Questions about how strict parking controls should be, and how well they are being enforced (including one about whether enforcement is over-zealous, duh and hah!).

It may make no difference what we say. We are only the little people. We are only taxpayers and voters. Why should they listen to us?

But if you don't say what you think, then your views definitely won't be taken into account.

So - it's only a relatively minor form of activism, but I think it's worth taking the trouble to answer these kinds of surveys and polls. And, of course, to vote.

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