Friday, 4 February 2005

Internet bank with no email??

Big marketing drives - you've seen the posters on the Tube. Internet bank with not only a good rate but the same rate for all customers, supposedly. And they say they can afford to be so generous to us lucky customers because it's all done online - no branches.

So how have ING Direct UK in their wisdom decided that UK customers should contact them? You guessed it - not by email, oh no - that would be going a step too far towards actually being an Internet bank, one assumes. No email address is given, not even a Web contact form. If a customer (or potential customer) wants to contact them, that has to be done by phone - or post. Very 21st century, indeed.

The company's US Website offers an email address, so why aren't UK customers afforded the same convenience? Welcome to the Internet revolution, indeed.

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